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OTO Botanical CBD Seltzers

OTO Botanical CBD Seltzers

Calm cocktails in a can, enriched with 25mg of pure OTO CBD and adaptogens. Enjoy on the go or at home. No alcohol, just botanicals. Flavours include:

  • Green Tea & Garden Mint Botanical
  • Blood Orange & Chilli Botanical
  • Elderflower & Juniper Botanical




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OTO Botanical CBD Seltzers


OTO uses only pure CBD in all their luxury products. CBD is brilliant for supporting your body to regulate itself and maintain a healthy balance.


OTO Strength Guarantee

"Our commitment to consumers to deliver the highest quality products, that work with optimal levels of CBD, alongside other powerful active ingredients, botanicals and adaptogens".


100% Naturally Derived

Zero Added Sugar

0% THC

Made in UK

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Green Tea & Garden Mint, Blood Orange & Chilli, Elderflower & Juniper


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