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Cheerful Buddha CBD Coffee Beans

Cheerful Buddha CBD Coffee Beans


This 100% natural, Colombian blend CBD coffee beans from Cheerful Buddha is incredibly smooth and delicious.




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Cheerful Buddha CBD Coffee Beans

Naturally infusing CBD into coffee beans creates an effortless way of including CBD into your daily routine. Using CBD coffee beans means that the CBD is also metabolised more slowly, producing a powerful and long-lasting effect.


✔ Feel alert, calm & focused

✔ Rainforest Alliance Certified luxury arabica beans

✔ 100% Natural

✔ 100mg Hemp-derived CBD carried in MCT Coconut oil

✔ Precision-infused at the point of roast

✔ Suitable for vegans

✔ THC Free

✔ Free from Lactose, Glucose, Chemicals




Every 10g of CBD coffee beans contains approx. 10mg of CBD. This product contains non-detectable levels of THC.




Rainforest Alliance Certified Roasted Coffee Beans, 900mg MCT Coconut oil, 100mg Hemp-derived CBD



Displaying a uniquely milder taste, these coffee beans are packed in resealable 100g pouches for convenience and guaranteed freshness – at home, in the office or at a friend's house – regardless of where and how you like to have your brew, Cheerful Buddha coffee will always taste luxurious, smooth and distinctively delicious.

If you’re not using a bean-to-cup machine, start by grinding your coffee beans.

Tastes amazing in americanos and espressos, as well as in lattes, cappuccinos, mochas, cold brews, frappes, or affogato.


If you prefer traditional coffee brewing methods, we recommend:



Add 22g of coffee for every 500ml of water

This will deliver 22mg of CBD (approx. 11mg of CBD for every cup of coffee)



Add 12g of coffee for every 250ml of water

This will deliver 12mg of CBD for an average cup of coffee



Use 7g of coffee for a single espresso

This will deliver 7mg of CBD for a single espresso


There is 100mg of CBD in every 100g pouch of Cheerful Buddha CBD coffee beans.


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