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Body and Mind Botanicals CBD Bath Bomb

Body and Mind Botanicals CBD Bath Bomb


Relax and unwind with a luxurious bath bomb from Body & Mind Botanicals.




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Body and Mind Botanicals CBD Bath Bomb


These handmade, natural, and vegan CBD bath bombs from Body & Mind Botanicals are made in the UK, using only the highest quality ingredients to deliver the best bath time experience. Our range of bath bombs including Passion, Refresh, Restore, Skin, and Sleep each contain 100mg of CBD. All of our Bath bombs will enhance your bath time to a new level and leave you feeling wonderful.


Directions: Drop your CBD Bath Bomb into warm water. Expect foam, colour, fragrance, salts and added oils to your bath. Each bath bomb is 180g. 

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Skin, Passion, Restore, Refresh, Sleep


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