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CBD Drinks: Understanding the Importance of Quality and Transparency in the Booming CBD Drinks Market

In recent times, CBD has seen a remarkable shift, evolving from a niche alternative wellness option to an acknowledged mainstream product. This shift has encouraged numerous brands to innovate, catering to the growing consumer demand. As a result, today’s market presents a dazzling variety of CBD-laden products, ranging from topical lotions and edible gummies to, topical patches and CBD coffee.

One of the products that has gained a lot of traction in the CBD market are CBD drinks. OTO, in particular, is emerging as a brand of repute in this area. However, an important question to ponder upon is: Are CBD drinks genuinely advantageous, or is their popularity merely a result of clever marketing?


Understanding CBD Drinks

To comprehend the buzz around CBD drinks, it’s important to first delve into their core component: CBD. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a non-intoxicating compound procured from the cannabis plant. Contrasting its more infamous sibling, THC, CBD does not induce a euphoric ‘high’. Instead, it has been widely recognised for its array of wellness benefits, which has made it a coveted ingredient in the wellness sphere. Infusing this compound into beverages gives birth to CBD drinks, designed to allow consumers a seamless way to incorporate CBD into their everyday life.


How is CBD Infused into CBD Drinks?

Infusing CBD into drinks involves a meticulous and complex process to ensure the compound’s efficacy and consistency throughout the beverage.


Typically, water-soluble CBD, often in the form of nanoemulsions or liposomal formulations, is used to ensure better dispersion and absorption in water-based liquids. This water-solubility is achieved by breaking down CBD molecules into minute particles and then encapsulating them in a water-friendly (hydrophilic) shell, allowing them to blend seamlessly with beverages.


Once the water-soluble CBD form is created, it is mixed with the drink’s ingredients under controlled conditions. The result is a stable, uniform beverage where the CBD remains dispersed evenly, ensuring that consumers receive a consistent dose of CBD with every sip.


The Rise of CBD Drinks

The health and wellness sector is perpetually poised for novel innovations. With the modern consumer’s escalating inclination towards natural and holistic health solutions, CBD has firmly cemented its position in the limelight.


The drinks industry, already acquainted with the success of functional drinks like kombucha and matcha, saw CBD introduced quickly to its repertoire, further enriching the drinkable wellness category.


A significant appeal of CBD drinks lies in their offering: an alternative adult beverage for evenings or social settings, minus the intoxicating effects of alcohol. They epitomise the contemporary take on adult beverages, emphasising natural components and decisively excluding the mind-altering consequences associated with THC.


Beyond the Hype: Do CBD Drinks Deliver?

It’s natural for emerging trends to be greeted with a healthy dose of scepticism. Thus, it begs the question: Do CBD drinks truly live up to their escalating reputation? The experiences with CBD can be highly individualistic; its effects might vary widely across different individuals.


Nevertheless, a considerable segment of users report favourable outcomes with CBD beverages. Two critical factors play into this: quality and concentration. Not every CBD drink in the market promises equal benefits. Hence, the emphasis must be on opting for products that staunchly uphold standards of purity and quality, guaranteeing an optimal CBD experience. Notably, numerous CBD beverages contain only trace amounts of CBD, which may not deliver the anticipated effects.

OTO CBD seltzers

Introducing OTO Botanical CBD Drinks

Amidst the ocean of CBD drinks, OTO has distinguished itself with its premium OTO Botanical CBD Seltzers. Labelled as “calm cocktails”, these beverages come packed with a generous 25mg of pristine OTO CBD and adaptogens. Crafted keeping in mind both the always-on-the-move individual and the relaxation seeker, these seltzers are devoid of alcohol, offering nothing but the finest botanicals.


OTO’s flavour palette, featuring Green Tea & Garden Mint, Blood Orange & Chilli, and Elderflower & Juniper, guarantees a delectable sensory journey with each sip. These flavours are meticulously curated, not just for their delightful taste, but also for their synergistic relationship with CBD.


OTO’s unyielding dedication to quality is evident. Their unwavering stance of using only the purest CBD in their luxury range is testament to their belief in CBD’s potential benefits. This dedication is further embodied in the OTO Strength Guarantee, highlighting their commitment to delivering products infused with optimal CBD concentrations, supplemented with potent active ingredients, botanicals, and adaptogens.


For consumers, the OTO promise also extends to assurance: their CBD seltzers are 100% naturally sourced, free from added sugars, contain 0% THC, and boast the ‘Made in UK’ badge.


While individual experiences with CBD drinks might diverge, the overarching trend signifies a booming market. For those contemplating a foray into the world of CBD beverages, gravitating towards trusted brands like OTO, known for their commitment to quality and transparency, is paramount.


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